Effective Features of Time Card App

All the things you need to track employee time quickly and accurately.

Significant Features of

Employee Attendance Management App

  • Company can get easily registered to the application, can create employees and add employee information.
  • The app would request the employees to take a picture while Clock-in.
  • Company admin and employee himself can check the filled information.
  • Once the employees reach out of the office, they can effortlessly log in and clock-in.
  • Employees can download the application and use it by logging in through company credentials.
  • An employee can take the picture and app would monitor the place to verify the exact employee location.
  • The employee can clock out at the leaving time, and the application would yet again ask them to take a picture.
  • Further, the application would check and note their location to yet again confirm the current premise of the employee.
  • In the app, there is an enormously helpful feature named CC which is termed as Cost to company.
  • The employee can use CSV format to export data of clock-in and clock-out records whenever needed
  • The CC function is utilized for tracking the distance a staff member has moved or travelled and check the reimbursement details based on it
  • The app marks the locations explored or visited by a staff member and map it for confirmation for the distance being travelled

Features Workflow


Feature 1

Log Hours Statistics

Clock In
and Out

Feature 2



Feature 3

Export Own History

Snap to
Verify Place

Feature 4



Feature 5

Tracking Distance

Time Card Feature