How to easily track attendance through the Clock-in and Clock-out feature?

07 April, 2020

Track Attendance

Attendance tracker software is an application utilized for employee time monitoring and tracking by all categories of companies. The app would ask and facilitate an employee to take a direct picture at the time of Clock-in. The application would further allow the exact location to verify the employee’s existing position.

The staff members can clock-out while going from the office, and the software application would again facilitate the employee to take a picture and note the employee location to authenticate the premise.

What is the Precise Way of Setting up the Clock-in and Clock-out Systems?

Despite how your business works, the attendance tracking app has a solution for all your attendance functioning. The staff members can utilize their mobile phones for real-time clock-in and clock-outs. The best check-in and check-out functionalities rely on your business requirements and your staff members.

If you are in a rapidly moving setting and don't want to hassle your employees for asking every time their email addresses, setting up a clock-in-clock-out station on your smartphone or tablet is the most excellent option to have for your staff members. You can also have flexible approval procedures for the different sets of employees.

If your employees are coming to work each day and work at their desktop computers, you can invite them as users in the attendance tracker software, and they can personally log their working hours at the end of the daily work. If you require a more detailed level module, you can even create tasks or subprojects which will list down categories or types of activities to be filled out.

Automated Time Monitoring, Tracking, and Enablement

The Attendance Tracking App enables automatic employee time monitoring, tracking, and management. The application can be designed with such an approach that it can allow an organization to register, manage, and record their clock-in and clock-out time with their precise location tracking. Through this application, professionals can even automatedly log their working hours at the end of the day.

The Comprehensive Process and How to Track Attendance

  • A company can first register to the attendance tracking app, can add all their employees, and even add vital employee information right in the software.

  • Further, the organization administrator and employees registered in the application can review the filled in information.

  • The staff members can further download the Employee Time Clock Application and log in through their enabled username and password.

  • When the employees reach the office, using their credentials, they can log in as well as clock-in with their details.

  • The attendance tracking app would ask all the staff members to take a picture at the time of the precise clock-in procedure.

  • The staff member can effortlessly take the picture, and the attendance tracker software app would monitor and trace the specific location to substantiate the staff member’s area.

  • Further, the staff member can clock out while leaving the office, and the application would again ask them to click a picture.

  • The attendance tracking application would figure out and note their exact location to verify the employee’s precise premise.

  • The staff members can easily export his or her data of clock-in and clock-out records in a simple CSV format to use the details when needed.

Other Significant Functionality

In our attendance tracker software solution, there is a precious feature named CC, which is phrased as Cost to company. The CC feature is utilized for monitoring and tracking the distance a staff member has travelled and made a compensation based on it. The app marks the locations explored by the staff members and maps the range to verify the details.

Moving Forward

The Employee Time Clock Application facilitates the dynamic and automated day to day attendance tracking routine execution. The company owner can accomplish and offer their staff member with the best attendance functionalities and flawless user experiences.

By assigning seamless access to the organization admin and the employee members, the attendance tracking application enables supple services to diverse stakeholders with straightforward use of the attendance system. This attendance tracker software application and is currently utilized with continual stability advancements and robustness along with the needed room for scalability.

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