What is the best way to track the location distance of your employees?

24 March, 2020

Time Card App, Employee location tracking application

From real estate and sales to classrooms, employers and managers require a Time card app as supple as the fresh workforce. With these apps, a company can handle their employee team’s right from switching on to work and finish, steadily and correctly. With these apps, the GPS tracker increases the work transparency and brings up to date employee locations when they are on the clock. These applications are always precise and spot-on to assist all the involved stakeholders.

Employee location tracking applications are pretty handy and an enormous step forward towards system automation. So, with the visibility into your team's positions and accessibility, schedule or reschedule in no much time with sharing of updates makes things effortless for managers, top management, and employees.

How Effective is Time Card App for Employees

Where the existence of several apps present in the marketplaces, superior and awful, might puzzle you, we would suggest you give a shot to our Time Card App, a useful app budding in the market.

Time Card is an application for handling your team's time-ins and time-outs. Our Time Card App for employees provides real-time tracking of staff members, which is a valuable functionality and difficult to find in any of its equivalent applications. You can track the live location of all the employees, along with monitoring their progress through our app.

Time Card App's Location Tracking Feature Works as Below

  • An employee can take the picture, and the application will monitor the location to verify the precise employee position.
  • Further, the app would check and note their location to yet again confirm or substantiate the present premise of the employee.
  • The applications mark the locations travelled around or visited by an employee or staff member and map it for authentication for the distance being travelled

Significant Features of Time Card App

The app allows employers to add employees right from the backend admin. The employer can build Geofence of his workplace location, and when staff members reach the location and clicks on check-in, it will confirm against the location and will let them access or login to the app. As we mentioned, the staff member can take a picture before and after taking on the in-hand work.

Another immense and extended feature is the cost to the company for tracking and monitoring the distance an employee has travelled and made a highly accurate reimbursement based on it. The application marks the locations visited and map it for authentication. The employee can export the information related to clock-in and clock-out as records in a proper CSV format.

All these are advantageous features that ease out the task of a manager who might keep distressing whether his executives are justifying the work allocated to them.

Time Card App, therefore, assists top management and team managers have all the employees under their radar, which further simplifies out the whole procedure of monitoring so many employees, along with his other activities, to be executed.

Real-time Tracking and Monitoring by Time Card App

Don't let your team members get fixed down with fences that put a stop to them from doing their jobs freely. Enable your teams within or out fluently. Continues and real-time monitoring is the USP of the Time Card Application. Easily monitor and handle teams along with their jobs through Time Card App location tracking features.

It even has a lot of other functionalities that are perfectly cast for employees. It offers flawless as well as a user-friendly interface and can be used by both the managers and the employees through the single mobile app to synchronize with each other with complete ease. Also, no added GPS services or individual devices are required while utilizing Time Card App.

Key Takeaways

Transparency and coordination with staff in diverse locations can get complicated, in particular for businesses with mobile or remote employees. With a Time Card App for employees, monitoring and tracking initiate right from the point when the staff members clock in. By allocating smooth access to company admin and the staff members, this application facilitates supple services to diverse stakeholders with a straightforward system to use. 

So, Time Card App is the best way to track the location distance of your employees. The application is working comprehensively and involves stable advancements, robustness as well as needed scalability.

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