Automated attendance monitoring system using image processing

16 January, 2020

Attendance Monitoring System

Be it an office or an educational institution or a factory, and the one essential and mandatory thing is attendance. This attendance is the only way to understand the presence of a particular person and to keep track of them. In schools, teachers will be able to know the students who attended class and who didn’t attend, they usually inform the parents and also will get to know whether all the students meet the minimum attendance requirement too.

In offices and any other kind of work area, this attendance system is the only source which helps employers to pay. There are various ways that these organizations are employing for attendance, from manual participation in books to time cards; there are so many ways to monitor the presence. With the advent of technology, a new kind of automated attendance monitoring system is coming into the picture. This one is designed to reduce any discrepancies and note attendance with ease. 

Automated attendance monitoring 

New and automated attendance monitoring is done with the help of image processing. This case means that a person’s presence in the organization is noted with the help of their image. They will be scanned every time they check-in and check-out, giving accurate results about their hours present in the organization. For businesses, this is the best option that they can use to calculate work hours and check the live location of employees.

How does it work?

Most people do not understand how this entire image processing attendance management works, and as it is a different subject, these kinds of issues are common. In this article, a lot of doubts will be cleared regarding image processing. Right now, there are two types of biometric recognitions that are vastly used among the users- fingerprint and eyes. 

In fingerprint recognition, a person has to give their biometric before entering into the organization. And they have to give their biometric after leaving the office too. The fingerprint of every person in the organization is already registered. And further, they are matched with the ones people are giving. This entire process is simple, and most of the organizations employ this. The one thing that is an issue here is that an employee has to cooperate to get the system to recognize them. There are times when fingerprints are not adequately noticed because of some small issues with fingers too.

The fingerprint scanners may work in small to medium-sized organizations, but in large organizations, getting the timecard on an everyday basis may seem like a hassle. This scenario is the reason why it has become an essential task for the organizations to use the face recognition system, which will make it easy to recognize the faces even without the cooperation of an employee. The scanner will be able to identify the faces pretty quickly and further processes can be carried out with ease.

Role of Database

The database of the automated attendance system is pretty vast, with a lot of data present in it. Not everyone looks the same everyday right, and this algorithm is designed to identify people in different ways and angles. The database will have multiple images of a single person so that they can scan their faces and check-in, although they are looking a bit different. A cloud with massive data storage will be employed to cater to the database requirement of this system.

Key Advantages of  Automated Attendance Monitoring System

There are a lot of benefits that one can get using the automated attendance monitoring system. 

  • Simple Attendance Taking- The entire attendance taking format will become simpler and faster now. The employees or students have to pass through the scanner to check themselves in and will be doing the same during check out too. There is no need for any signature, identity card, or a need to give their fingerprint either. This way, it becomes easy for employees to give their attendance.

  • Time-Saving - The entire attendance process is automated, and everything is stored in the database. This scenario saves up a lot of time for the human resources department. There is no need for them to worry about tallying, etc. during the payroll. The system itself monitors all the things and will give a detailed report of employees’ presence.

  • Speed and Accurate Detection- The face recognition attendance system is relatively quick when compared to IRIS or fingerprint scanners. It will be able to recognize a person just after they come near to the scanner. Its speed and accuracy are commendable. 

Moving Forward

The researchers are working on new algorithms that will help in identifying the people even when there are multiple faces. This new algorithm is robust and makes it easy for the employees while checking and checking out. 

The face recognition algorithm is similar to other biometrics software, but the researchers are planning on making it swift and more effective in reducing computational time. Time card is the best Attendance App and is utilized effectively in different organizations.

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