Latest Attendance Management Software Trends In 2020

18 December, 2019

Attendance Management Software Trends

Any business out there, irrespective of industry, should adopt the technological advancements that we have today to stay par with the competitors. One such technological advancement that every company should get is attendance management software. This software will help in keeping track of the employees. It will also ensure that they are not overpaid or underpaid. There are a lot of attendance management software trends in 2020 lately, and with new features, this software has become a go-to option now.

Here are some of the latest trends that you will find in attendance management software seen in different industries. These industries comprise but are not limited to Healthcare, diverse IT domains, Finance sector, Banking areas, Automotive, Sports, Education, Restaurant, Enterprises, Hospitality, Event, and Entertainment.

1. Automated Time Tracking

This tracking is one such feature that makes it easy for employees to clock in their hours. They don’t have to use any kind of old-time tracking method to keep track of their working hours now. It provides a mobile clocking method where employees can punch directly from their mobiles too. The entire process is automated and stored in the cloud, which will help in keeping track of real-time employee hours.

2. Tracking Systems with Wi-Fi Feature

A tracking system with Wi-Fi will make it easy to keep the records of a large number of employees. This feature uses the biometrics like fingerprint and even faces identification at times to ensure that the punching is done on time. This way, the potency and accuracy of time clocked in by employees will become easy. This Wi-Fi feature can accommodate up to 500 employees of an organization, which is more than necessary for even large organizations. 

3. Calendar Integration along with Scheduling Modules

The latest attendance management software is now coming with scheduling modules and can be integrated with the calendars. This way, employees can put up their entire schedule on the calendar and share it with other employees and with the manager too. If there are any changes in the plan, the manager will be informed directly via mail and vice versa. If the manager wants to change the schedule of the employee, he or she can turn it on the software, and the employee will be notified with a mail regarding the same. 

This way, employees can make use of their calendar and integrate it with the best attendance app to make sure that their managers know about the availability. They can manage their shifts and keep track of the overtime that they are doing. It provides a customized approach for both employees and employers. If there is an emergency where an employee cannot come to work, he or she can adjust the same via the calendar and let the people know. This way, the schedule can be adjusted according to needs.

4. Leveraging Kiosk App

The kiosk is an app that will helps employees to punch directly from their mobile or tablet. Be it face recognition or fingerprint, employees can do it directly from their mobile, and there is no need for them to use any kind of biometric system present in the office. People who are on the move can use this feature to clock in their timings using fingerprint or face recognition. This software provides consistent clocking in function and helps employers in capturing the real-time that employees worked in and nothing more than that. The employees don’t have to worry about proxy punching or time theft from employees. Fingerprint or facial recognition will reduce any kind of misconduct and makes sure that authentic attendance is noted.

The kiosk app will help employees to punch in from any device that they want, and along with it, they can ask for time off and check their working hours directly online without anyone’s help. They will have a dashboard with all the hours they clocked in along with secured attendance.

5. Mobile TimeSheets

The manual entrance of presence or signing on timesheets is in the past now. No one is using these kinds of attendance system, and now there is an app that shows timesheets on mobiles. It can integrate with the attendance app, and employees can check their timesheets directly from their mobile itself. Employers can use these timesheets to process the payments, keep a record of the employee’s performance, and can track employee attendance closely. Every document will be stored in the cloud, and people can make use of this feature effectively.

6. Improved Schedule Flexibility

Flexible timings have evolved as a trend now, and employees of organizations are given an option to work in the time that they see fit. The new attendance management system has made it easy for employees to manage their working hours directly from mobiles. Employees who are working on a remote basis can clock their hours whenever they see fit, and this will be noted by the software irrespective of any kind of time or regional difference. The time gap or any other type of difference will be sorted out by the system itself.

7. Mileage Reimbursement

Usually, employees have to track their mileage and enter it manually for reimbursement process, but with the latest software, employees will have an option to enable it automatedly.

8. Improves Business Management

Time is as costly as money is, and if wasted, no one will be able to bring it back again. Employee working hours is going to have a significant impact on how the entire business is managed. With the latest attendance management software, it becomes easy for employers to count for the working hours that employees put in, and they can also check the outcomes that the company got in that particular time. 

Employees will spend a lot of hours in organizations, and it is essential for management to know how many hours they can account for and what are the outcomes with this time spent. The attendance management software will provide all the details which can help management in making informed decisions.

Key Takeaways

These are just some of the vital trends that one can find in the attendance tracking system. There are many more benefits of this software that is usually ignored by the organizations. Incorporating attendance management software can have a pretty positive impact on the performance of the entire organization. 

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