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Time Card is developed by professionals who were working in diverse industries for more than 10 years. They observed the need to make the employee time monitoring and tracking system easier for different types of companies and came up with this application.

Time Card app is being designed with flawless features and seamless functionalities, which further makes stuff simpler for its users. For instance, it takes less than 5 seconds for an employee to check-in and check-out through our application.

Employee Time Clock App For Attendance Management

With access to the app, the company can secure its cloud panel, which displays real-time check-in from the staff. The application keeps the employee location information accessible to the company only or assigned stakeholders. Additionally, all the collected data is highly secured and encrypted. The data from the employee time clock system is further processed and stored on a secure server of AWS.

Employee Attendance Management Employee Time Management
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Employee Time Management

With employee time management app functionalities, the company can track daily in and out the time of employees. The staff can easily take a photo and enable location details to the app, further making sure that the employees have started their work in a precise location. The company can also monitor and pay the right travel allowances to sales people based on the recorded miles they have covered for marketing as well as sales activities.

The attendance management application is highly comprehensive, robust as well as scalable. This helps in making data of each and every staff member secure with both AWS and encryption functionalities in-built in the app.

Feel free to ask over any of your queries or if you have a business or technology-related questions at info@gettimecard.com.